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Our Past Collaboration

OUR Collaboration

InkScribed Academy was proud to have collaborated with Hasanah Mosque in a workshop dedicated to empowering the Muslim community with essential knowledge on Wealth Distribution in Islam. Through real-life case studies, we showcased how modern financial tools seamlessly integrate with classical religious teachings, enriching participants with practical insights. This engaging workshop saw the participation of 30 individuals eager to deepen their understanding of Finance in Islam principles.

It truly was a delight to have been invited as a guest speaker in collaboration with IAM ADVISORY in a talk featuring our Founder, Abdul Syakur Halid. The talk focused on how Wakaf Planning impacts our next generation and outlined practical steps to achieve these aspirations. With over 100 participants, including IAM ADVISORY’s existing clients and prospects, this insightful session highlighted the importance of proactive estate planning within the framework of Islamic principles.

InkScribed Academy had the privilege of collaborating with An-Nur Mosque in a session dedicated to addressing the crucial topic of wealth distribution after death, particularly relevant for participants at the age of retirement. Our founder, Ustaz Abdul Syakur, participated as a panelist, providing valuable insights and guidance to navigate the complexities of financial planning within an Islamic framework. The main takeaway for participants was the importance of proactive wealth distribution planning to ensure a harmonious process in the future.

The collaboration with Ascent Islamic from Manulife in a talk aimed at raising awareness about how Faraidh Law can affect CPF monies and Insurance/Investment Policies was one that we were proud to be apart of. We emphasized the critical need for correct planning and understanding nominations to prevent potential pitfalls, providing valuable insights to Ascent Islamic’s advisors and existing clients. The session was attended by 30 individuals eager to enhance their financial knowledge within an Islamic context

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