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Ensuring a Bright Future for Your Child: Overcoming the Worries of a Single parent in Singapore

Being a single parent in Singapore comes with its own set of challenges, and one of the most pressing concerns is ensuring a bright and secure future for your child. While providing a good education during your lifetime may seem manageable, the looming question is, “What will happen to my child’s education after my death?” In this article, we will explore the three main worries every single parent faces when contemplating their child’s education in the event of their absence.


One of the most significant concerns is finding a reliable support system, also known as a guardian, who will step in to guide your child and be their companion on their educational journey. It’s not an easy task, as the right person must possess the capacity and willingness to provide mentorship for your child. Many potential guardians are busy with their own careers and families, making the selection process challenging. We understand that entrusting someone with your child’s future is a daunting decision.

Worry 2: FUNDS – Striking the Right Balance

Financial concerns are at the heart of the second worry. As a single parent, you may worry about two aspects of funds. Firstly, ensuring there are enough financial resources available to support your child’s education after your passing. On the flip side, you may also worry about who can be trusted to manage these funds responsibly. Striking the right balance is crucial. A lack of funds could potentially hinder your child’s access to quality education, burdening the guardian. Conversely, having too much could lead to financial insecurity. Finding that equilibrium point is a key consideration.

Worry 3: Providing a GOOD EDUCATION with Shared Beliefs

The third concern is perhaps the most sensitive – providing your child with an education that aligns with your belief system. It’s vital to choose a guardian from your family or friends who shares similar values and principles. After all, as much as we plan, entrusting a guardian with a different belief system to take charge of our children’s education could lead to conflicts and challenges in imparting the values that matter to you.

Addressing Your Worries & Concerns:

Now that we’ve delved into these three main concerns, it’s important to take proactive steps in overcoming them. Ensuring a reliable support system, striking the right balance in terms of funds, and finding a guardian with shared beliefs are crucial in preparing for your child’s education after your passing.

At InkScribed, we understand the unique challenges single parents face, and we are here to help you secure your child’s future. Our comprehensive estate planning and wealth management services are designed to address these very concerns, providing you with peace of mind and a clear roadmap for your child’s education.


As a single parent in Singapore, providing for your child’s education after your passing is a matter of paramount importance. By acknowledging these three main worries – the guardian, funds, and shared beliefs – you are well on your way to preparing for your child’s educational future. Don’t let life’s uncertainties overshadow your child’s future. Take action today and partner with InkScribed to secure a bright and promising educational journey for your child in the vibrant city of Singapore. Secure Your Legacy with InkScribed. Because Your legacy, and your child’s education deserve the best.

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