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Avoiding Common Mistakes in Charitable Will Writing for a Lasting Legacy

In the journey of life, we often contemplate what we’ll leave behind, the legacy that echoes our values and aspirations. For many, this legacy extends to charitable acts
that carry on beyond our time. However, to ensure your wishes are fulfilled and disputes are avoided, it’s crucial to steer clear of some common mistakes. At InkScribed, we specialize in Will writing, estate planning, and wealth management, helping you pave the way for a lasting legacy. Let’s delve into these three pivotal mistakes and how to navigate them for a legacy that truly matters.

Take a gander at the 3 Most Common Mistakes:

Mistake 1: Not Knowing Your Options

To embark on a journey of charitable giving after your passing, it’s essential to explore your options. Just as you would meticulously research a property purchase, understanding how you want to allocate your assets for charity is equally important. At InkScribed, we encourage you to envision your legacy by choosing the assets you wish to bequeath. For our Muslim clients, we provide guidance on the appropriate percentage of total assets as per Islamic principles. Our team will also help you identify organizations that align with your religious or humanitarian values, bringing an added layer of meaning to your bequeathal.

● Which asset would you like to bequeath? Is it real estate, financial investments, or personal belongings?
● For Muslims, is allocating 30% of your total assets to charity too much or too little? It’s essential to align your decisions with your values.
● Who should benefit from your bequest? Consider whether you want to support a specific cause, organization, or individuals.
● Does your chosen charity share your values, whether religious or humanitarian?

It’s crucial to ensure your bequest aligns with your vision. Exploring these options will not only empower you but also provide clarity and certainty for your appointed administrator. Knowing your choices is the first step towards a legacy that stands the test of time.

Mistake 2: Leaving It Entirely to Family Members

The idea of leaving everything to your family members might sound appealing, given the uncertainty of the future. While it’s natural to want to provide flexibility, this approach can create complications. Without clear instructions, family members may struggle to agree on the amount and beneficiaries. Imagine this scenario: One family member believes $25,000 for charity is too much, while another thinks it’s too little. In some cases, the idea of charitable giving might not even cross their minds. This missed opportunity means your legacy remains incomplete, and the world misses out on your philanthropic spirit.

To avoid this, provide clear instructions in your will. Specify the amount and beneficiaries, ensuring that your wishes for charitable giving are upheld. Your legacy will shine even brighter, resonating with your values and making a meaningful impact. When InkScribed is involved, we provide guidance to ensure your wishes are communicated effectively, eliminating ambiguity and promoting harmony within your family.

Mistake 3: Planning Without a Sound Mind and Health

Your legacy deserves thoughtful planning, and that’s best achieved when you’re in a good state of mind and health. Delaying this process until you’re not at your best can lead to confusion for both the administrator and your family. As a family, honoring your last wishes becomes a priority, but it becomes a challenging task when your intentions are unclear. By planning your legacy early, you can ensure that your wishes are crystal clear and that your family and administrator have the guidance they need. It’s a gift you provide to those you love, allowing them to fulfill your last wishes with confidence and ease.

At InkScribed, we understand the complexities involved in legacy planning. We encourage you to prioritize this process to secure the seamless fulfillment of your
last wishes.


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