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Welcome to InkScribed, where we seamlessly blend the art of preserving your legacy with the precision of modern financial planning. As the paramount solution for all your will writing and inheritance planning needs, our dedication to excellence sets us apart. At the heart of our expertise lies will writing and Islamic inheritance law, guiding us in ensuring your family’s future harmony and tranquility. 

Our journey began under the visionary leadership of Ustaz Abdul Syakur Bin Halid, who nurtured our company into a beacon of expertise in the nuanced world of will writing.

We proudly extend our services to the Muslim community, harmonizing contemporary financial planning tools with the principles of Faraidh Law, wealth management, and legacy crafting. Our mission revolves around empowering you with bespoke, comprehensive contracts and agreements that transcend the ordinary. In doing so, we provide clarity and prevent disputes among loved ones in the unfortunate event of a passing. We firmly believe that every individual should have the opportunity to organize their assets in accordance with their religious values.

Our team comprises experts with unparalleled proficiency in inheritance, asset distribution, estate planning, wealth management, and legacy planning. We immerse ourselves in understanding your specific needs and goals, ensuring that your estate plans authentically reflect your wishes. At InkScribed, we delve deep to offer clarity and guidance to the Muslim community, enabling informed decisions during crucial moments.

Beyond mere document drafting, we craft peace of mind at InkScribed. Envision a future where your family thrives harmoniously, where your hard-earned success is preserved and distributed with utmost fairness for future generations. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that no aspect is left to chance. We’re not just a company; we’re your partners in shaping a secure future. 

Discover the profound peace of mind InkScribed brings and embark on the journey of securing your future for yourself, your loved ones, and your legacy.

Are you ready to take the first step toward this secure future? Together, we’ll elegantly craft a legacy that stands the test of time. Your story commences here, with us.

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